Are you ready for VMWorld 2021?

It is not long now until we can hopefully start booking into sessions for VMworld 2021 so I thought I would take a brief moment to expand on my previous article here as more sessions have been added or amended

A terrible plug but it would be great to see as many people as possible on my session below, I do hope to get a bill of material up so you can build along to if you wish

Bake ESXi Into Your Raspberry Pi [VI1862]

In this session, we will cover the things you need to get started to run VMware ESXi on a Raspberry Pi. We will show some of the setup, then the features working, and what people have done in the community.

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Below are some great sessions that I think should be on your watch list or at least get them to review after the event at a minimum. Let us be fair the industry is moving at a major pace in ways I think thanks to COVID as its accelerated many developments for many companies and you can not get away without mentioning Kubernetes

Kubernetes So hot right now - So Hot Right Now - zoolander | Meme Generator

Due to this, I have spotted two sessions that do jump out to me.

Keith Lee @KeithRichardLee: Manage Kubernetes Across Multiple Clouds [APP1187]

Managing Kubernetes clusters across teams and clouds can be difficult. Not with Tanzu Mission Control.

I think this will really help as the session will cover centrally operating and manage Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds with Tanzu Mission Control along with policy management, data protection, security and configuration inspections. I hope it will help jump-start your journey into the cloud and maybe into the enterprise workspace

Eric Shanks: Meet the Expert: Tanzu Kubernetes Grid with Eric Shanks and Tim Carr [APP2436]

Questions on how VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid works? Our experts are here for you!

As it says in the title this is the best place to get all your VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid questions answered. It will be a great roundtable with a chance to interact and gain some super insights.

10 things You Need to Know About Project Monterey [MCL1833

Curious how Project Monterey and SmartNICs will redefine the data center for VMware ESXi hosts and bare-metal systems?

Attend @NHagoort’s #VMworld 2021 session for the top 10 things you need to know about Project Monterey to help accelerate your business

I am going to be short with this one but I am in it for the Demos to see what cool things this can achieve

Back to Our Future: Community Roundtable on the VDI Admin Role Development [EUS2461

Attention VDI admins!

Don’t miss @brianmadden’s #VMworld 2021 roundtable session with community VDI experts on how your role will develop in the future and what skills you should be focusing on that can make you stand out in the VDI space

Who doesn’t love a good session by Brian, I think this will be great as you will learn loads from VDI community experts along with how to stand out in the VDI space covering security, cloud and SaaS

Automated Problem Resolution in Modern Networks [NET2160]

Legacy network operations & management solutions have been primarily reactive. Enter the self-healing network

In @smitmartijn’s demo-centric #VMworld session, learn all about VMware networking products, and how we’re tackling modern self-healing networks

Again I can say I am in his one for the demos, I want to see this with my own eyes seeing how the problems are solved using telemetry-driven event-driven automation and I heard there is a special guest from Intel

Simplify Network Consumption and Automation for Day 1 and Day 2 Operations [NET2185]

Apps are the lifeblood of the business in today’s digital economy. Can you envision seamless connectivity between your apps & networking technologies?

Learn all about simplified network consumption with automation in @dejongraymond‘s #VMworld 2021 session

For me this it’s all great seeing this now tech working but how does that translate to using it day to day. I am really looking forward to learning how this all integrates into operations and how others may have done it.

Enterprise Multi-Cloud Security [SEC2445]

With the expansion of VMware’s security portfolio, you may be wondering how all of the pieces fit together into a cohesive multi-cloud enterprise design

@hcmccain will show how cyberattacks occur and how you can be prepared in his #VMworld 2021 session

With all the acquisitions of the last year or so for me this will be great to see how the expanding security portfolio all the tools fit together. It will cover some of the most famous attacks and how to design a policy-driven, defense-in-depth strategy your business or enterprise

How the vSphere Engineer Became a Critical Part of Modern Security Design [SEC2582]

vSphere engineers are now a critical part of modern security design

In @hcmccain‘s #VMworld 2021 session, find out why it’s important to secure an application at the server level, and how vSphere engineers are becoming increasingly critical

This is another session with Chris in but this time around he has a guest, I personally love these sessions as you can see the passion of the end engineer Allen Tyson. For me this it will be great to see why it’s important to be secure at an application server level but more importantly why vSphere engineers are becoming increasingly critical and how their diverse skill sets can help.

But wait….

I am sure I could still keep adding to this list and I am certain I will probably add some more posts especially once I can get some sessions locked in. I did want to take a moment as I know one thing I will miss is meeting up with people and networking. I do hope there is something like last year with the Discord server so we can all chat and catch up. I do also miss the hall crawls and of course who would not miss the parties. Below I have put up a few VR videos I took if like me you just want to reminisce and hope that we can all do this again soon. That said there is so much to see at this years VMworld having it only will help me catch it all without needed to run between the calls or being jetlagged 🙂

Some may work better if you open in YouTube and full screen so you can pan around 🙂

This was a great party below and I got to spend it with some great friends!

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