VMworld session catalogue is now available

It is that time of year again and conference season is well on its way! The VMworld session catalogue is now online and this year I am so excited to announce I have a session included!! Bake ESXi Into Your Raspberry Pi [VI1862]. Please do sign up as it will be great to see people

You can find a full list of sessions here

I also just wanted to highlight a few I hope to attended if things get scheduled right

Modern vSphere Monitoring Using InfluxDB, Telegraf, and Grafana [CODE2745] by Jorge de la Cruz

Make Sustainable Choices for Product Innovation, Operations: What Can I Do? [IC2794] by Joe Baguley & Adrian Cockcroft

Achieving Happiness: The Quest for Something New [IC1484] by Amanda Blevins & Stephen Athanas

Deploy NVIDIA CloudXR with VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub [EUS1658] by Matt Coppinger & Greg Jones

Becoming a Force for Good: A Panel on Adapting to a Changing Tech Community [IC1352] by Kimberly Delgado (she/her), Sebastian Carrasco (he/him), Bryan Liles, Hasini Bandara, Brianna Williams (she/her)

Starting from Square 001: A Conversation on Virtual Career Development [IC1938] by Jasmine Bouges, Brittany Garcia, Isabelle Raxter, Nehal Vyas

How to Master Engagement with Your Audience in a Remote World [IC1017] by Caio Oliveira, Anderson Duboc, Thiago Valcesia

A Guide to vSphere with VMware Tanzu: Day 2 Operations for the VI Admin [APP1718] by Simon Conyard, Dean Lewis

There are hundreds more to go through and this is not my full list but hopefully a good mix of technology and professional development to get you started 🙂

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