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CoreView… What is it and how can it help O365 Admins

So this time around I wanted to take a look into an offering called CoreView. I have done multiple projects rolling out M365 and transforming business. It has been great to see how the M365 product has naturally matured but there have always been a few things that have needed full admin rights or needed you being handy with PowerShell to achieve what you wanted to achieve.

This is where CoreView comes in and straight off the bat it does one thing nicely all admins love and that is finding shadow IT.

Not only does this offer you a way to manage your M365 tenant but it also can show you what else you may well have connected to it. Sometimes these little things can put your compliance at risk or maybe it might cause issues you were not aware of by rolling out Teams for instance as one department has already adopted slack.

The nice thing is one tenant can easily be split into several virtual tenants or you can spread this across multiple that may work well for some split organisations across security zones.

With these smaller pools, it becomes much easier to delegate management. One thing here that the software tackles well is call queues in Teams. It may well have moved on since my last implementation but I could not delegate queue management to the team managers which always then involved IT in getting a ticket. This way team managers or even call centre managers could move people in and out of queues sounds amazing.

The other nice thing is you have a nice security view and delegate this if required. One of their examples shows users that are possibly forwarding emails to their own personal address which is quick handy to help stop data loss. This way the security or legal team could follow up rather than IT being ignored! I believe you can also have audits and reports of this automated to catch offenders quickly rather than a glance at the dashboard every so often. That said I know this is much easier to navigate than trying to remember where it was last time in the admin centre or found it has been moved again by Microsoft.

I briefly touched on this before but I like the campaign option within this software, I really feel this adds a nice element to driving adoption especially if working with your marketing team. Rather than a fairly bland email saying we are moving to M365 or come use teams, you can send out rich emails along with seeing if the users have interacted with it and then furthermore it appears to track if they are then using that product such as Teams or OneDrive.

There is also some How-To videos to help adoption and day to day management that you delegate actions to.

The usage reports also helps you look at adoption such as Teams or Skype calls, we did something similar with CSVs which took longer trying to work out if people needed the full voice features via PSTN or was it just calling a colleague. This also expands into device usage eg what are they using such as PC, Web, Mobile.

The role-based access control also shows to have great granular control and this can then also help delegate tasks away from the IT team without full admin requirements.

So what is my take on this, well it all looks super promising! Much like any other product, I want to get my hands on it rather than just a demo but I think this would fit many organisations. Especially ones that have smaller IT teams and desperately need to delegate and get away from tickets. Another great option could be for MSPs as they could help the customer manage the environment and only hand back the bits they need to change again avoiding calls and tickets.

Want to find out more head over to their site or there is a YouTube Channel here

Note : I have been compensated for this review and commentary but I know I want to look further into this once I can get a demo M365 tenant. All the thoughts and opinions in the post are mine and not linked to the company or the current company I am working for.

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