London VMUG 6th April

London VMUG 6th April

So its that time of year again and its the 2nd meeting of the London VMUG and this time the lovely people running  it have let me to run a few sessions. I am doing this and I have a terrible fear of public speaking even if people think I don’t! Its a good professional way of taming those inner demons and I for one even with 3 sessions do not want to try and take over Ricky El-Qasem and his awesome 2 part sessions! I hope mine brings something else to the arena as I will try and get these to be structured happy round tables and discussions.

Lets just hope this doesn’t happen

This is the bit where I need peoples help! Its a community led thing and what I would love if and people are ok with it would be to record these sessions and put them up as special episodes for Open Tech Cast (shameless plug)

My thoughts on the 3 topics are as follows

  • Certification Hamster wheel – Highlighting recent changes, whats next etc
  • VMware in the cloud – what other ways can you do it
  • Homelabs –  just because they are always worth talking about

If anyone else thinks that there is a pressing subject that we should all discuss please do let me know!

SWVMUG 15/09/2016

SWVMUG 15/09/2016

So at long last I made my first SWVMUG held at @Bristol of which I decided to be a speaker!

If any of the leaders are reading this thank you again for letting me do this even if it was a very intimate event with the amount of people we had. Either way it was so beneficial and really helped me develop.

Even though I fully tested my presentation of which looked fine on another projector and TV it appears AVIOD dark coloured slides no matter how good they look! Back to try drawing board for TechUG on the 29th! You can check out my presentation here if you want

Both vendors we had there really had a chance to tailor the event to the audience and really get us involved.

Barry summed the day up in one of his great doodles as always

I particularly liked Amit’s presentation as it was really thought provoking.

It was great to meet some new people and try a new venue. Anyone reading this all I can say is please support your local VMUG and make it to their next event. Even do a talk if you feel brave enough, its a great feeling once you have done it. I hope to make it back soon and maybe do another talk if I am allowed.