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Taking time to re-align

One thing I have been trying to do more recently is read. Is it by far still one of my favourite ways to relax or learn if I can. There have been many books I have enjoyed over time but I must say that recently I got myself a copy of Skyrocket Your Career by Raj Subrameyer

The timing of me reading this could have not been more perfect as I had a similar post to this in the works alongside one ensuring you are looking after yourself and I felt the two kind of collided. The other I hope may come soon.

I honestly do not want to spoil much of the book as I would really suggest getting yourself a copy if you want to progress in your career or if you still are not sure what you want. A few of the biggest synergies that came out of this for me are below

  • Investment in yourself
  • A job that makes you want to wake up every morning
  • A job that creates impact in others lives and not only your own
  • Something that challenges you
  • Finding your true passion and hopefully this is also your career path

A big hitter was the self-funding when I paid my own way and time to get to a VMworld, if you get a chance do it! It may be a conference in your sector but it was the best investment I ever made. Also knowing that your job has a positive impact on others makes that challenge so much more rewarding.

So why the blog then, quite simply I wanted to share this to help others and also keep myself accountable! It was also driven by someone I was mentoring asking what my dream role was (more to be announced on that very soon!) which caused me to pause and think. I know whilst I was still trying to find my feet in the early days for some reason after a few years I know I was sure I wanted to be an architect. Not because most of them had a Porsche in the car park, well maybe a little as I know that showed some financial reward especially as I was just starting a family but I think I loved the process, questions, puzzle-solving and aiding customers with the issues.

Quite simply that did not happen for me in an official sense anyway, I usually still had the term ‘engineer’ in my title and do you know what I am fine with that. If anything it kept me more driven and I still had a goal. At the end of the day, the best bit of advice that was also in the book is that your path may not be the same as others including it may not be in the direction your thought it may be. Just keep at it

So where do you start? Well, the first thing is a great little tool here from Raj’s book and go list out the things you like doing and hate doing. For me I also then sidetracked a little and created a mind map not only for my goals but expanding on why I might hate or like things. Is this a strength or a weakness? This actually really helped me as it gave me some clarity on how to I go chase my ideal role and even if I get it there are still things that will help me become better and may well form that next goal whatever it may be as it just adds to the lists of my strengths. This is by far the hardest part of the process for me anyway and that’s being harsh on myself despite it kicking the imposter syndrome up a notch but remind yourself if you can do this then the only way is forward and you will get better from it.

Another part of the process for me is also setting some goals to maybe help me work on the challenges I might see in the role or something that may well just help my mindset! So below is my list as I want to look back on this another way rather than that odd sticky note on my desk. Again simple but it works as you see it most days.

Write a book/ebook

This is a bit of an odd one but something I want to get stronger at is writing and part of that is also storytelling. Both of which I know can come naturally to some people but not to others but they can build it up like a muscle. I also do not even mind if it is not just me as the author or even co-authoring this with others, I would be more than over the moon about doing it this way too.

Better note taking

This is something I have already take some action on and again thanks to John White‘s timing and I will be joining a reading/book club to go over some text about this. For me, it’s also about community engagement and sharing our ideas and finding what works for each other as sometimes that gentle nudge can help.

Visit Japan

Some may be thinking wait what, how is that a career goal?!? Well for me it kind of is and what I would love to do one day is go visit my friend Kaz Igarashi and present at his VMUG! I do not think even if he knows this but I have always wanted to present at his VMUG and then the pandemic hit so it kind of became a pipe dream from now. This also leans into my wants to learn more about other cultures and how business practices may work differently. This can especially help with my future role goals as it gives me a broader understanding.

That said I also have these few things on my bucket list

  • Visit an Onsen
  • If I can afford it stay a few nights in a Ryokan
  • Hit up a karaoke bar and arcade
  • Go see the countryside like Kyoto and one way at least do the overnight train/bus
  • Odd one but Ramen from a vending machine and find a good bento box

This list could honestly go on… always been a dream as it has always been a place that has inspired me

Get more guests on the podcast

This is a big one for me and if I say a number to start I would love 3 well-known names on the podcast. We have been so lucky to already have some very big names on there but I would love to invite more to join us. Also the complete opposite I was just other people to join us and make the show much more interactive if possible. For me this gets me out of my comfort zone as I know I can sometimes lock up when speaking to some people I do not always know.

Take some exams

Quite simply I just need to get back on that hamster wheel and get a few done. This is mainly to keep up to date and ensure I do not leave any technical debt anywhere.

More product reviews

I did ages ago tinker with this idea but I would love to do some live builds in posts or even live streams to try and give open and honest reviews on things. Again this helps me think on the spot and weave those stories.

I have been a little vague above as it does not always give away what goal I am trying to achieve but hopefully, it inspires you to plan out what you need to do. But as Ray would say let’s do some epic s%^t!

Also as always if you want to chat about this, mentor for the vExpert program or even be on the podcast please do drop me a message.

Disclaimer:- I did get a copy of the book from Raj’s press team and I am so glad they reached out! It did make a real positive impact and I do hope one day I can follow up with him and he can join us on the podcast

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