Bye Runecast, Hello VMware

Many are excited for VMworld at this time of year, I certainly am but I am even more excited to announce that I will be starting at VMware next week as an SE!

This challenge has been a long time coming and boy am I excited to see what it is going to bring. I know it is certainly going to be a busy few weeks and I am sure I will have some customers to catch up with. That said if you have not yet registered for VMworld go do it as it’s free! Also, go register for my session here too 🙂

It is now only a matter of hours until the firehose of knowledge is pointed at me and I need to drink as much as possible. I do feel that is going to be the start of an incredible journey and all I can say to others is keep dreaming and keep pushing. You can do it and you will achieve it one day. There are so many people I could thank for making this happen but I am sure they know who they are by now.

Some of you know this has been a massive dream of mine and to be honest, I am still a little bit in shock so finding it hard to put it all in words.

On top of all of this, I know there are many great events also in my calendar such as vRockstar, Veeam Vanguard Summit, Runecast UpTime and UKVMUG just to name a few rapidly approaching so do keep an eye on my blog for my updates on those along with VMworld posts.

I did want to take a moment to thank all the team at Runecast especially the founders as I felt so welcomed since day one and honestly, I am a little sad that my time at Runecast has been short but I have loved every minute of it and there has never been a dull moment. I also know that they have some great features on the roadmap and I will be watching and cheering now from the sidelines. That said if you are looking for a new role or challenge do check out their recruitment page as there are some going and I am sure I can make an introduction if you want one. They have many varied openings such as US Sales Director, Sales Engineers, Security Engineer/Researchers for various platforms and even Technical Marketing Full Listings Here at the time of writing or if you want to see what a day in the life of a Runecaster is head over here

Fingers crossed for an in-person VMworld next year so I can see many of you and I do hope I get to see a few faces in-person in the coming months.

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