NPP 5.0 Study Tips

So after the below happening this week I thought it would be best if I get a study guide/tips up to try and help others. I also have to put out a massive thanks to James Brown who helped with my studies and put me on the right track

The first biggest tip I can give is forget anything 5.5! I went in the first time and after reflection speaking with James I put down way to many answers as 5.5 and not 5.0. Remember this is a 5.0 exam at the time of writing and not 5.5.

The next bit of advise I can give is play with the system and do a few things outside of the norm or what you may only do once but a few times as this will help. The other bit is read plenty of Nutanix blogs as this goes into some of the detail you may need. A few to note are below that I used

Nutanix Bible

Nutanixpedia and their study guide

Also Josh Odgers blog has a wealth of information that’s great to study over

Finally the Nutanix corporate blog posts are great one example I used studying was here and the support portal on your account oh and don’t forget Nu.School

A few of my thoughts on the exam and courseware though for a second is I think it’s great especially for people like me trying to move from technical to architecture. The depth of which it covers the hypervisor such as Zeus and Medusa so you have a true understanding on how things talk and what they are protecting when you are building your system is outstanding.

It also provides some real work example you may not touch day to day such as migration from VMware to AHV

If this isn’t enough I can only say get more day to day exposure and why not by using the CE version in your lab or even in the cloud, failing that reach out to the community! I am glad I did and you will find people are more than happy to mentor

So what does that mean next for me… Well its a blog post in its own right but after a chat with James and am certainly thinking of trying to set a goal of passing my NPX. Once I get on this journey I know this will spawn a whole series of posts not just one but that’s for another day so watch out!


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