Some news for 2018 and a new job

A few of you may already know some of the below but I wanted to put a few notes up about the start of the year and some of my achievements after my goal post mainly so I can look back on this

First things first I have moved to a new role and one week down I am already loving it. It was an incredibly hard decision to make and I have even gone for a sector I haven’t had that much experience in but tech is tech and the way the cloud is accelerating things I thought there was no harm.

I have left what others would describe as a very comfortable (yet busy) life at Commercial and started to work for one of the UKs biggest green energy suppliers Ecotricity. Commercial were a great company but Ecotricity have some amazing projects lined up some of which I have some experience in and some where I really feel I can push myself onto the next level. I am also hoping that this can elevate and expose me to more architecture decisions so that I can learn from them and of course gain experience so I can take that movement from engineer to architect.

I have also recently had my first NTC (Nutanix Technology Champion) call after being selected as a candidate late 2017. After the role change I have found some more time for the lab again and I now have my first 3 node Nutanix cluster running alongside the rest of my stuff. I will be writing an NTC post very shortly.

I have already eluded to it before but I also want to see what else I can get done with the VR stuff and see what else I can integrate with it. I really want to get better with APIs as have recently seen a few Meraki ones based on the below video and something like turning off the kids WiFi would be great



I am also super excited that VMware on AWS is coming to Europe soon so hoping I can get on a workshop on it this year and this along with AWS and Azure of course. I then want to see if I can tie all these and Nutanix together somehow and lets not forget about Oracle & Ravello.

I know myself and the team and also hoping to make a some more podcasts for OpenTechCast and I know I have a few things to do for the lab including a Xeon upgrade once I can find a suitable motherboard. If you have any ideas for the podcast do reach out!





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