The dreaded writers block…..

In case you missed it Eric who arranged the #vDM30in30 had a very relevant post and just re-tweeted this and to be fair its a rather apt post for me today. I have a few ideas forming but none that are as complete as I would hope them to be. I decided to read his blog again and it made me realise he is right in many many ways!

I really didn’t want to plagiarise it as its great and I agree in so many ways. It’s a great read in itself but just wanted to add my 2 pence worth on how I get past the dreaded writers block

  1. Pretty much everything in Eric’s post
  2. Listen to music…. For me I find something with a good beat gets the creative juices flowing or just a song I find to be a classic
  3. Go for a drive rather than a walk…. Sounds crazy but this is where I get most my ideas driving around the idyllic countryside. Just a shame not many cars yet have a handy voice memo system unless your phone wants to behave on bluetooth. I somehow just keep note and then scribble down when I stop.
  4. Read… Its exactly what I did to write this post. I went back through some study notes and Eric’s post and it inspired me.
  5. Self reflect… I find whilst doing many of these I just think about my day or even things I want to achieve (like VCDX,etc) and that can sometimes just jolt an idea.

I feel if you can spark a passion from somewhere just write. I was also once taught to brain f*&t the idea out. Be this on a whiteboard, paper or even a voice recording. Get the idea out and after make it better. I was always told I would otherwise over analyse the idea and it would come out worse. This way you can then at least out have it out and then polish it up. You then have plenty of time to re think it through before discussing or even presenting.


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