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VMworld 2020 Parties, Chats, SWAG/Gifts

As I have yet to see one I thought I would summaries any links, signups to parties, chats and any nice giveaways. Please do keep coming back here as I will update it as and when I see things


EventVendor / SponsorUK TimeURL
Shaquille O’Neal aka DJ Diesel VeeamTue, September 29, 2020
10:00 PM – 11:00 PM BST
VMUG Member PartyVMUGSeptember 28thhttps://vmworld-member-party.eventfarm.com/app/pages/0f417bac-2d2e-49cd-888b-bfe74b09824c
Sing along with Disney’s Frozen and The Lion King stars!Cohesity & Pure StorageWednesday, September 30 01:30 – 02:15 or re-stream 10:00 Thursday, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)https://info.cohesity.com/family-sing-along.html


OpenTechCastMultiple Dayshttps://forms.gle/mc3AMtaf7rUX5XyE9
Orbital Jigsaw – DiscordMultiple Dayshttps://discord.com/invite/SKTWQX8
vBreakfastWed, September 30, 2020
7:30 AM – 9:00 AM BST
Opening Acts 2020Multiplehttps://blog.vmunderground.com/openingacts-2020/
Level Up Hang Space9am – 9:45am PST Tuesday and Wednesdayhttps://us04web.zoom.us/j/5779883782?pwd=dE5zQmVNT3lPVFRRa3pydWpuZnBTdz09#success


Mini basketball set (First 300)Veeamhttps://www.veeam.com/vmworld
i9 NUC, Apple Watch, Bose HeadphoneVMware Hands on Labshttps://t.co/1kp1ChKj6v?amp=1
AirPod Pros
(Already WON!!)
VMware Intrinsic Securityhttps://twitter.com/VMwareSecurity/status/1305923747891699712?s=20
Secret Labs Chair, PS510Zighttps://twitter.com/10ZiGTechnology/status/1310883339012902912?s=20

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