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VMware VRDCEX Live & Tech UG Meetings

Of late I have been a little behind with blogging due to a few bush fires sidelining me during projects and the recent weather in the UK but I really wanted to get this post out along with a few others over the next few days.

I was lucky enough to be invited to not only one but two TechUG meetings and drove some discussions there. I tried to keep this as interactive as possible and after the first live demo success I re ran my home lab slides. If you wanted my slides from that day they are here don’t forget your books!


But the most interesting bit was I decided to live demo of VRDCEX and each time it went fairly well. This is an absolutely awesome project and can’t wait to see it grow. I certainly don’t match up to Alan or Pat’s delivery but I think I will get better with practise.

They are both in 4K so if anything I will use these as testers on things

The next big thing for me is now that I have this going on the Oculus I want to see if I can I get this going on my HP Mixed Reality Headset and then where can I further expand on this. Can I get APIs on here for switches and firewalls etc and then produce smoke coming out of them if they are broken! Again with mixed reality can I look at the server and then expand it out!!!

If you haven’t do so already go grab the files or my post here on how to make this work with the Oculus if you don’t have a HTC Vive

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