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Unleash the #OpenHomeLab project


Morning Everyone!

It is with great excitement I can announce that the #OpenHomelab project has been released in its Alpha format

This project has moved on so quickly since its inception at the recent London VMUG and I am so glad I could help launch this platform as I really think it can aid the community. This is regardless of technology as it rightfully states in our mission statement

Homelab presentations are some of the most popular at technical user groups. The challenge is that unless they are recorded, the contents of these sessions is always lost at the end of the day, and only the attendees could consume the information and utilise it. What is needed is a method for crowdsourcing and capturing the collective homelab knowledge and experiences of the community, to provide people with a single source of information and advice which will help them make decisions on the best homelab solution for them, based on their individual requirements.

Although the site was started from a VMware user group, we believe that a homelab is a homelab! As such, we are keen for people across the IT community to contribute with their knowledge and tips across operating systems, hypervisors, tools and applications.

Technology agnosticism FTW!

So if you want to take a look around hop over to

Please note that this site is in an Alpha state and we are still all getting used to the MediaWiki format. We are also testing this on some hosting shared with my other sites to see how popular it gets so if you do get any issues or slow down please do report it via a bug report or reach out to us on twitter or slack.

Remember this site is only going to be a success if you get involved! We  are only asking you to sign up for an account so we can reduce the amount of spam on the site. Also for the security minded people out there like me we have even added an optional 2FA login utilising Google Apps and can be activated within the preferences section once you are logged in.

Finally if you have some artistic talent or know someone who does please feel free to design us a new logo! We will feature it on here and you never know you may see people rocking that on a sticker or NUC lid soon! Lets see if we can get appearance at VMWorld this year along with other events too!

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