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Some audio relief to pass the time….

So after a brief conversation one evening with a few of us trying to persuade each another to enter a podcast competition we somehow spawned one of our own.

I have to say a massive thanks to Kev for keeping me organised with an agenda then Alex and Amit for providing ideas and encouragement for us to pull all this together.

I am launching a new section on my blog of which will complement the podcast really well and vice versa. I am also really hoping we can inspire some ideas for people and also provide different ways of thinking too!

So what are we going to cover… firstly home labs (naturally) then we hope compute, storage, networking and news in the industry  with a few special guests along the way. After that we will see where we go from there. I am also hoping we can do a few specials at events to for people who couldn’t make it or to provide a flavour for an event to encourage you to go!

Below is a link to the first episode and I am going to keep this post short as I hope to capture the next 40 minutes of your time and also more in the coming weeks!

If you like it please leave a review and also if you want to guest on here even if its for a few questions do please reach out to us



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