Wow… thanks! I made vExpert

On Friday I was sent some very exciting emails,texts & tweets from the fellow community to say I was honored to be on the following list


There are many people I can thank for getting me here one being Matthew Bunce as he has told me on numerous occasions to apply and kind of wish I did it sooner. I also have to say thanks to a few people on the Open Homelab Slack channel such as Andy Nash , Alec Dunn , Kev Johnson , Chris Bradshaw & Chris Lewis of which congratulations is needed for some of these guys too for also making this list

For me this year has been amazing so far to have the community provide me with several awards. Due to this I am planning new and exciting way of provided back to the community and not just with Open Homelab

The only shame for me with this is I doubt I will be at VMworld as I would have to self fund this year and may miss out on the goodies, if any vendors see this and need me to pay postage to get the items please do reach out!

One vendor that has to get a mention is SMS Passcode as I emailed them and had the keys in just over 12 minutes which is just amazing!

Stay tuned for my #vExpert updates!



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