Time to Level Up to a KB Hunter… New year and a new role

So I am sure many of us are starting to really feel the Zoom/Virtual meeting fatigue by now or just generally feeling we need to go see people we know.

I for one am missing many people in the vCommunity and knew this year I want to try and give even more back where I can.

To help me do this I am so excited to announce that I have joined the amazing team at Runecast alongside my fellow podcast host Kev Johnson.

I am super excited to start helping them with their already amazing product and I can not wait to talk about some of the exciting things in the pipeline later in the year so watch this space.

I have some further updates to come about why I have been a little quite in recent months and also some really great things I have lined up with VMware, I am even considering relaunching a YouTube channel to help people skill up. Is there anything you love to see? Presentation skills, how to engage with an audience or how to demystify so of theses new technologies?

I hope we can all see each other this year and until then please stay safe and well.

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