TechUG Event Cardiff 29th August

Last week I was honoured to be asked to talk at a local event to me in Cardiff being TechUG which is an independent group that covers virtualisation, storage, open source and the datacenter.

I firstly have to thank Mike, Gav & Brendon for giving me the opportunity to speak there and make me feel very welcome at my first event. They also hosted me the evening before so that reduced the stress of getting down to speak that morning.

The morning started by an interesting talk from Jason Mears of which was a great round up over WebEx about VMworld. This has just got me super excited for just over a weeks time!

We then had a great chat from Zerto about how the recovery landscape is changing of which was quite a good topic for me with the rise of crypto locker in the IT world.

I also wanted to highlight Marcus Robinson talks and this has made me want to revisit PowerShell and maybe even rebuild my in home Azure datacenter if I can find enough RAM.

There was also a great vendor for NetApp equipment if you are in the market place but I unfortunately have no customers or in house storage of this nature anymore.

I also like the fact they had a SQL presence and I will update this post if I can find the details about these events as they are doing a UK tour which may interest someone or a member of their team.

I would highly recommend one of these events and its great for networking as everyone is so friendly and if you are used to the VMUGs its another great way to meet new people and go home with great ideas.

They have also put a blog up about my talk so you can read an unbiased view over here.

I certainly hope the team will be willing to have me back for another event sometime soon as I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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