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Protect yourself…2FA for all

So I thought I would cover a topic that doest often get much attention in the home lab and thats 2FA. Usually when you think 2FA you conjure up images of tokens, frustrated sys admins and £$£$. You may also sometimes associate the name RSA

Well I can assure you that I am protecting my lab free of charge or so be it so far assuming I have WiFi or 3G/4G available.

So whats the catch… so far I can’t see one apart from the fact not every app is covered but then some others are such as WordPress and RADIUS.

Pop over to Duo Security and have a look at their offering and I am certain you will find a use case such as lab, test, dev, etc.

I can also suggest another product if you are lucky enough to be a vExpert being SMSPasscode as you can get an NFR to test this out. Luckily for me we use it anyway internally but it does provide me an opportunity to test out the new push app before making the new version live. It also has a very handy password reset module to reduce the phone calls to the service desk.

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