Raspberry Pi and Alexa

As its only one day till Black Friday and I haven’t seen the Amazon Echo reduced as much as I would have hoped I thought I would write this post up. Seeing as I am also exploring AWS at the moment ready for when VMware will sit on it natively I also thought it would be good idea to look at getting my AWS certification so that if I wanted to do any integrations not running on VMware I could.

I found quite quickly some of the courses work better with the use of Alexa and she can also test you if using Acloud.guru

Luckily if you want to give this a go and don’t want to splash out on a £150 echo if you have a Raspberry Pi sat in your drawer go dig it out! You can build a near full Amazon Echo with it. It appears audio streaming isn’t supported at the moment but most other things are.

There is a great guide on lifehacker and a video version over at the main Raspberry Pi site depending on how you like to digest stuff.

Once you have it up and going if you really want to play and not only use it for exam prep like me you can try out Acloud Guru for free at the moment. There is a free Alexa course here if you want to make her do new things.

It’s a great way to learn and have fun at the same time!

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