Keeping your blog secure

If like me you use WordPress for hosting your blog and you may well be hosting this yourself you may have found keeping this all up to date and secure can be a bit of a nightmare.  There are a few things I do to try and secure my blog and keep it up to date.

The first thing I have installed is Jetpack. This not only lets me know about plugin been out of date it monitors my downtime and provide some level of malicious attack blocking. It also offers good things like stats and speeding up images via various means.

Secondly a new one for me but Sucuri does a good job of letting me know if there are any changes to critical files or logins. It also have a firewall built in and several other features to keep you secure. I also have it letting me know when posts are changed or released just in case.

To enhance the above I did a 2FA post here and I use Duo to further protect myself from brute force logins. I wont only get the email from Sucuri but I will also get a 2FA response from Duo.

Of course an obvious one is keeping a regular backup where possible. Many web hosts now throw this in if you just ask them.

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