It’s a busy week but stop for some AI treats

Again I am a little behind on my posting but there are some reasons behind this. Mainly I have been exploring some more AI items and I want to try and get these into the hands of as many people as possible but I am still testing out some elements.

The main thing for me with AI is the ease of adoption and how this can fit in with our daily lives or operational processes.

This is why I am still keeping an eye on particular vendors with their implementations and to the note do put this date in your diary!

22 May: From Threats to Resilience: Leveraging AI for Data Security 

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, AI is no longer just a technological evolution – it has become a strategic imperative for protecting valuable data and ensuring its security.  Join our panel of experts in this webinar as they explore the transformative power of AI and ML in data protection and security and how to leverage AI to secure your valuable data assets, enhance operational efficiency, and bolster cyber resilience. Drawing on the latest research findings from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group, our experts will delve into cutting-edge applications of AI and ML in data security.

Webinar: From Threats to Resilience: Leveraging AI for Data Security 

Date: 22 May  2024

Topics include: 

  • The transformative impact of AI on data protection and security
  • How Generative AI is reshaping the threat landscape
  • How to use AI to combat AI-driven threats to build better cyber resilience

In the past I have always tried to be Tongue-in-cheek with me demos but there is some great ways AI can really help workflows. I have seen first hand now how I can take my rudimentary codes and turn this into something more robust within minutes.

I am seeing this more and more especially in the retro game scene where people are using this to try and recompile games into more modern code

Do keep an eye on my blog as there is some great stuff coming to a VMUG near you soon!

Register here for the webinar

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