Giving your first webinar

Firstly well done for stopping by, this is your first step. Finding the courage to sign up and perform your first webinar I hope! I am going to go over a few things despite talking at events/conferences there are things that even tripped me up on my first proper solo webinar last week and I thought I would share them to help others get ready.

Firstly practise, and best yet in front of a mirror if you can.. I will come back to this later but it aids with a few things. One thing it does well if breaks the uncomfortableness of hearing your own voice and seeing yourself. Secondly, you only see and hear yourself for feedback. This was one thing I was not ready for when presenting on Zoom Webinar for sure. Unlike Zoom you only see and hear yourself… there is very little feedback unless you spot the chat or have co-hosts.

To me the best analogy for this is software like this it’s like a oneway mirror in a police station, your audience can consume what you are doing but you only get feedback if they press the button.

Interrogation room in police station, empty interior for questioning crimes with handcuffs on table, height scale and glass window, place for interview arrested people. Cartoon vector Illustration Cartoon vector created by vectorpouch – www.freepik.com

For me, this was a little unnerving at first as one thing I love about speaking is gauging my audience and getting their interaction or best getting a reaction so be prepared to not have this feedback loop! At least if it’s pre-recorded you can stop and watch the thing back. This is not trying to put you off but better prepare you more than I was.

Now circling back a little but do use some of the tools you have on deck, one great new feature is the rehearse timings within PowerPoint. This is a great way of making sure you can stick to your time.

Talking of practice do a dress rehearsal! Zoom Webinar has a practise feature within it and you can even record it and watch it back. This way you can check all your levels such as Mic, Camera, Screen Sharing and best bit analyse where you may need more practise or like me slow down!

Shameless plug but also do check out all your setup, I did cover some of this here as this can really make things stand out. That said you may feel more comfortable knowing things are working well, also in the practise session get used to the chat/Q&A box along with polls.

Other than that just research the best you can out of your topic and throw that passion into a slide deck, just remember that you need to talk and people do not want to read the screen 🙂

If you are still feeling nervous do reach out as always happy to sit in a dry one and provide feedback or grab some colleagues over lunch, better yet if you are back in an office bring food as I am sure after a break this long most people will love a bit of social interaction

Best of luck!

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