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vDM Challenge 3:- Build, Automate, Code, Rebuild

This challenge for me was one of my favourites as although I did get a bit of a slapped wrist from Rene of which was well required to put me in the right direction for the final. But I must say a thank you to him here as I also developed professional from this and went on in my career and in the competition because of it. The bit I liked most is it pushed my into containers at last, although this appeared me be me somewhat misinterpreting the brief as I could have done it more simply I know Eric was glad someone used them in the challenge. It gave me a good view on Docker and also how to automate it of which started a good set of coding basis for the final challenge.

It has also made me think you don’t always need to be using the biggest tools set out there as sometimes the open source ones can work just as good if you put the time and effort into them.

My other thoughts are listed in the paper vDM Season 4 – Challange 3- Build, Automate, Code, Rebuild – Gareth Edwards and the defence can be watched here

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