RTX Voice on non RTX cards is here!

So I published a way of levelling up your webinars, meetings, VMUGs or interviews here and for my setup at the time I used an RTX 2080 of which that and newer cards are super rare or are selling over the RRP. I know I am still chasing a 30 series card without much luck here.

Well the great news is that RTX voice is now compatible with any NVIDIA GeForce, Quadro or TITAN GPU and I found out about this from PC Gamer here

You can hear the difference here, I even found my Jabra speaker phone dome as I thought lets try and push this and even put the vacuum on in the background and just wow! This is running on an really old K2000 series Quadro card too

Like me you will probably run off and go grab NVIDIA Broadcast and try it in the excitement and get this screen

NVIDIA Broadcast does not support your current GPU. An NVIDIA RTX-enabled GPU is required

Right…. well what is actually support is RTX Voice not broadcast so the article is right and just like me you may have made assumptions!

What you actually need is this page here or this download here the download is part way down the page

The other thing you also need is your GPU drivers at a version above 410.18 or newer and you can find the latest ones here if you do not user the GeForce experience

You will now see an RTX icon in your system try and you now have access to this panel to turn it on and off 🙂

Just remember to swap over the input on any apps to RTX voice and to turn it on in here and you should be ready to go!

Either way I hope you enjoy and I am keen to see what people do with this and the calibre of videos we now see out there. One day it would be nice to be able to run files through here from recordings at events for a clean feed but then again sometimes I think its nice to add some ambiance.

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