Baking ESXi into your Raspberry Pi

Firstly I just wanted to thank anyone who watched this session at VMworld and provided the most incredible feedback. Due to this, I started to reach out to the relevant teams to get approval to release the session and normally none of the live sessions were going to be released.

I do hope that I have removed all the names from the recording and if I have missed any please do let me know, I also had to wait some time so that all the versions got transcoded for YouTube as I knew there was some fuzziness on the Zoom call.

I can also only apologise for the delay in getting this uploaded as you can only imagine I am only a few weeks into my journey at VMware and the firehose of knowledge is still very much at full throttle. Every time I turn on my laptop it can feel a little like this


I also need to do some work on GitHub here but then I have some more ideas and I am currently seeing if I can get a few more nodes.

If you enjoyed this session do you want me to do more like this via lunch and learn or just short videos you can squeeze in during the day?

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