2 thoughts on “VCSA 6.5 Installation Errors

  1. First off, you do not need a VCSA to setup vSAN. You can do this with PowerCLI or you could bootstrap the VCSA onto a single vSAN node.

    But you still need DNS and NTP before installing the VCSA. Must of our customers are using a solution like Infoblox hardware appliances to provide DNS and NTP for their environment so this is not an issue for them.

    If you do have an green field environment without a hardware solution for DNS and NTP you could set this up on an ESXi host with local storage or a single vSAN node and reconfigure this host after installing the VCSA.

    1. Thanks Eric 🙂 I do agree with what you say and I have done this in my lab once before. My thing is would this ever be supported by a VMware perspective in boot strapping and then loading stuff on top. Where do you stand during issues at that point? I also had a few issues when trying to add my other VSAN nodes in and enabling de-dupe and compression with a boot strapped system. I am hoping this is all fixed in 6.5 as I tried to on prior versions. I have had green field sites before where is been day 0 with nothing so its always worth noting for me to come back too as other versions didnt always need it. Would love to know your thoughts!

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