#vCommunity Status Upgraded:- VMUG Leader

After a few chats (and drinks) at VMWorld last year a few of us got talking and exchanged some ideas and as many of you know I have always loved helping out with the #vCommunity. I am lucky enough to be one of the vExpert Pros for the UK too! But after my training earlier in the year I have been given a chance to be allowed to up my game and I am now a leader of the UKVMUG (And London where I can help!).

Many of you know this VMUG is very close to my heart and where it all started years ago where I was the timid guy in the corner who would have run if you have said boo but the community and especially this VMUG chapter has really helped me grow. There are some particular individuals that have helped me along this journey and I am sure after my first meeting is over there is going to be a post about that and a massive thanks to each of them! (Can’t celebrate just yet!). Who would have thought I would be here after that first fateful vLightning talk

Speaking of which you can join the first meeting I have been helping out with here on Thursday 30th April

If you have not ever attended a VMUG this is an even better opportunity to attend as if you are shy do not even turn your webcam on but get a feel for the community! But if you can turn it on for a bit you are sure to get a friendly welcome

I am sure to do a much longer post soon but go register and don’t miss out. I can’t wait to organise some more events and get more people involved.

The good news for the #LonVMUGWolfpack as they now have a better chance at prizes as that’s one less person who can enter! Of whom I hope are all safe and can’t wait to share a beverage with soon

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