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SharePoint 2016 Phone Book

Another SharePoint post but I thought this may help people and me again one day. The basis of my Phone Book came from the following two articles but I found one or two things that I thought in my opinion made it a little better



My first addition was other phone numbers to the profile such as Mobile or desk extension. Secondly a picture but it appears that feature is dropped from AD sync so far in SharePoint 2016.

I also found that the search had to be specific and lets be fair we don’t always want to type the full name i.e Joseph Hausmann or we may only know part or be worried about the spelling. The above articles assume you know the exact name. So when building the query if you put the following in it will allow partial names for searches.

{SearchBoxQuery}* contentclass:*spspeople

In regards to mapping the additional attributes I used a photo one here as a base line and the below to to find the AD attribute to map.



The main one I wanted was the users mobile and I hope to be able to add the internal extension some how too.

One thing I also hope to fix is sort by last name rather than first but maybe leave that for another day!

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