Plesk Built by Terraform on AWS

Plesk Built by Terraform on AWS

I have been debating for sometime where I start putting my new projects and potentially move some of my blogs so I can start using some CDNs and one of my thoughts was AWS. I think you can get away with the free tier but it does involve some work. I would also want a few blogs on one server too so that makes some of the management is easier along with cost benefit!

I highly suggest you do look at AWS Lightsail as its very competitive and the only reason I have not done it in this post is because at the time of writing you can not adjust the AWS Lightsail Firewall rules for full automation with Terraform

I may also end up using Lightsail as the Plesk image can be built in the UK on this platform but again at time of writing this post I could not find the AMI within the marketplace for the UK region. The version I was using was available in North California called “Plesk Onyx on Ubuntu 16.04 (Web Admin Edition – FREE)” as this EC2 image attracts the free tier and also you do not pay for Plesk like the other versions. I also hear its good for up to 3 website but any more needs a bigger EC2 and you of course do not get any support!

I have the code based over here at GitHub if you wish to give it a go!

I also have a video with a step by step guide on how to do this

At some stage I want to work on more of the automation and scale along with the load balancing.

VMworld 2018 Europe Day 2/3

VMworld 2018 Europe Day 2/3

So the next two days I lost some of my content for hence the delay in posting but I want to get some of this up there! Mainly so I can also reflect prior to hopefully attending next year.

For me this below was one of my personal highlighted sessions but I don’t think it was recorded as I got to see some of my heroes

I was also fortune enough to take party in the vExpert daily chat with the amazing Angelo

I then popped over to a few sessions and then mentally prepared myself for my next talk! Also since doing this I have refined (I think) and I have now done it at the UKVMUG. I am sure there will be one final version of this with some more exciting code someday

The day did not stop there and the party was not too far ahead but we recorded a new vMashup edition where can be found here and this personally was a great thing for me as I love the Virtually Speaking guys podcast

This then proceeded for a quick dash to the Rubrik booth as I was on their #vRockstar cards this year and I wanted to sadly get the full collection to display at home

It was then party time! We all dropped off our bags and for once it was a VMworld party I could enjoy! No rushing off for a flight or jet lag and we have some great memories from it, one of mine are here below

Now if you are here for the VR bits here they are, I think they turned out well especially when the confetti falls! It looks great on my Oculus. I would have gotten more but shall we say I think the UKVMUG or all of the UK VMUGs/vExperts were trying to drink the bar dry and cause a scene near the photo booth! You can use your mouse to look around too if you click on them and open them on YouTube!

Whilst we were waiting I did get this awesome caricature done though

The next day I am sure we all felt a little fragile but I managed to get some more sessions done and follow up great talks I have with people! I also managed to get this VR Tour done around the solutions exchange. I did this during a quiet time as usually it very busy and I didn’t want to trip over people so usually its much more busier than this

After this a few of us did the last few sessions and then a vendor crawl to see what we could get for the UKVMUG Charity Bag

One awesome stand was the VMUG stand where they were printing T-Shirts

I have a few more separate posts still to come such as the vExpert Shirts and also a few tips about conference and specifically VMworld but this year they made it for me. I will just leave a small gallery of any of the photos I haven’t used just for memories really and to try and inspire the next person to go!

I just hope I can make it next year and I will be much more on point with the uploads!

Terraform, Terrawhat, TerraARGH, TerraYAY!

Terraform, Terrawhat, TerraARGH, TerraYAY!

So I recently gave my Terraform talk at the UKVMUG so thank you to the team and also anyone who came. It was also nice that people interacted with me and also approched me later with questions. I also don’t mind once you have watch the better res version of the videos if you want to ask more.

I will also probably add to this post as I may do a series if my other code works out

There is a PDF of my slides here and then the videos below, I am also sure someone asked for the source of the dart video! It does not want to embed in WP 5!

My First VM

Template Time

Scale Time

Time for AWS

First giveth, then taketh away

UKVMUG Charity Bag

UKVMUG Charity Bag

So last week I attended the UKVMUG and I was fortunate enough to speak there (which is another blog post) but myself and Rob Bishop decided to auction off some of our ‘swag’ bags to raise some money for Charity. I also think this is great as I know some people can’t make it to VMworld as I know I alway wanted to go at the beginning of this awesome journey I am on! Either way here is some pictures of the bags below, we had some awesome prizes such as a keep warm coffee mug, SNES and signed books

After a quick run around at lunch and between all of our sessions we managed to raise an amazing £177 which far exceeded my expectations and a massive thank you everyone who donated and to Kev for donating this for us as VMware would double it 

I certainly hope I can do another one of these soon and maybe do it online next time as so many people wanted to pay by card! Or maybe this is another VMware Code project in the making 😉

Also a massive congratulations to our winners of the bags! I never managed to get a photo! 

VMworld 2018 Europe 0/1

VMworld 2018 Europe 0/1

So its that time of the year again, its conference season! I can certainly say I do feel for all the vendors as I for one I am tired after this VMworld and I still have a few events ahead of me!

This year I also challenged myself and I spoke at VMworld a few times and I will put some links in the summary below

Firstly I have to thank the VMTN team and also vBrownBag for giving me to opportunity to speak and also come on a bloggers pass. This has certainly developed me as an individual and also within the community. Also all the guys who put up with me in the apartment for the days there, I will have a separate post on this but happy to say they made my time so much more enjoyable!

The only negative thing (again covered in another post) is the fact one of the guys was pick pocketed in front of us! It happened so fast there was nothing we could really do but it has made me think twice about packing strategies. This did also mean I never made it physically to the Hackathon but I was there in spirit as I thought it was best we all stuck together that evening

So what else happened on day 0 (partner day) as for once I am a customer so not much for me to do this day! Admittedly I also arrived later in the day and wasn’t at the Fira to nearly 5PM as I found a business class flight for less than economy and decided to get the bus due to a bargain £20 return fare. Even in my electric car because of parking I couldn’t travel that cheap. Because of the above we all decided to hop just down the road from where we were staying to the Rubrik party. I have to say it was really well organised and we could actually hold a conversation in there without being too cramped. I also at long last got to put a face to the name such as Patrick Redknapp! I also bumped into some other great people such as the image below, I am sure this is why any of the UKVMUG crews are not allowed all in one place!

That poor photo booth! Needless to say the conversations deepened after this and not long after a few of us decided to head back as it was an early start for the 1st keynote.

A few of us were up nice and early but I am only going to summarize the bits that excited me from the keynotes as you can watch them here

After this I went to go look around solutions exchange and prep myself for the below sessions! You can click on them to watch the playbacks

Utilising Workspace ONE powered by AirWatch to automate your iOS & Mac builds [VMTN5509E]

Terraform, Terrawhat, TerraARGH, TerraYAY! [VMTN5510E] Skip to around 27 mins for my bit but great other content on this one