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Amazon AWS WorkSpaces Kiosk Mode

So recently I have been working on a solution for creating a way for some of our users during a POC to access AWS WorkSpaces with some HP T520 thin clients of which can run Windows 10 IOT, of which is a post in itself but I know this may well be more useful to people even doing this with traditional PCs and Windows 10. I am not going to cover launching this application in start up etc or via GPO as again I may do this in the other post but I found quite quickly that I couldn’t get the client to persist in full screen. So first I headed to Google and the AWS documentation and there was nothing at the time of writing this

I found this quite shocking so the engineer in me came out and so did my managers, quite quickly we found /fullscreen didn’t work and I thought hang on they love their APIs I wonder if -fullscreen works… Guess what its does! This is a great way to force it each time even if the user switches out especially on the thin clients with the write filters. There also appears to be another large list of switches of which I don’t have them all working but it does appear SSO might be on its way and forcing/passing through user credentials could be useful in some cases. If anyone gets these working do let me know!

I have done a video of this too and hope to keep working on an exportable GPO or PowerShell cmdlet that can turn old clients into Kiosks



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