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Wireless Meshing Fun with Meraki

I have come across a recent project of which requires me to think completely outside of the box.

One of the challenges are getting internet between buildings of which can not easily be modified or even have holes drilled.

This is where the Meraki MR series comes in. It appears buried deep inside the code they are still true to their heart of why they were born & RoofNet. I was able to have one AP on my gateway and managed to connect another to it as a mesh partner and then use the network port to present to a switch and get an IP.  It also re broadcast the wireless signal for me in that area.

The speeds of course were not great but I am using a new AP with a 6 year old AP and I wasn’t expecting miracles but it proves a point. My next plan it to try this with a few of the newer APs to see what kind of speeds I can get out of them. Maybe see if I can even daisy chain them to be able to spread wireless even further.

It was all inspired from the below posts but I may even be able to segregate each building with its own firewall or layer 3 switch.





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