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Veeam Vanguard 2021

So despite me still needing to blog about some stuff I had some great news on Friday afternoon here in the UK as per the title to find out that I have been selected as one of the Veeam Vanguard’s for 2021.

This is super exciting for me as I have been up to quite a few things with Veeam on POCs and tinkering in the lab.

Saying that despite a few bugs I now have updated Michael Cade’s awesome script to now near fully automate adding this to your lab via Terraform.

You can find my latest version over here on my GitHub page

Two bits I was pretty chuffed with coding in a few hours was the part that waits for the SSH service or be that anything that could have a port check before continuing on with the Terraform scripts. I may even revert back to WinRM as this was my issue is it would take some time to initialise from the RunOnce script causing the rest to fail. Oh and did I mention it dynamically works out if you are on Windows or Linux and then does the relevant checks 🙂

The other parts are just some tinkering in the other scripts looking for dynamic variables such as the CD drives etc of which I probably need to tidy up a few more things. It also pulls in your license file and mounts the ISOs ready for the install.

Also I did add some scripts to install the latest agents to fix this issue ‘Cannot find distribution store file XXX.XML’ if you are doing a command line VBR install

Either way I am really looking forward to writing some more blogs about this and great ways of automating the product.

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