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So I have been working on parts of this post for a while but I though I should really break this what was a massive post into some smaller chunks and relevant areas as a few people have asked me about this but in this post I am going to cover how to post your Podcast with WordPress but have this on the Apple Podcast channel. I will cover off recording & editing, video types and also submitting to other stores in other posts.

Also skip to the end for once if you are integrating with a current blog as this can ensure media is not picked up by accident.

Before you start go sign up here as sometime Apple require the address to be approved with of course a subsequent approval after. https://podcastsconnect.apple.com/

Firstly head over to your WordPress admin page and select add new plugin

From the plugin screen search for BluBrry and install and active the plugin

Hit the setting button to be taken to the main screen for the plugin. Fill in your Podcast name, the subtitle and any other required fields. I also suggest doing the image at this point but it must be 3000×3000 or you will get an error later

On your WordPress menu select PowerPress and then Audio Player, Select the player that best suits your style

Perform the same for Video by selecting the PowerPress Menu and then Video Player

We now need to collect a few details from the advanced tab so that we can submit this to Apple for approval

Within here select iTunes and scroll down to find your feed info and make a note of this for later

Head back to and select the + icon at the top

Enter the feed address you noted previously

Press validate and then assuming there are no errors below press submit. The most common is the artwork is the wrong size or format

You will now get the below screen and you have to wait for the approval email from Apple, at this point if you have one recorded lets get your first podcast there ready for go live

First add a new post just like usual

The above text is embed in the Podcast description and title but scroll down and you will see this windows for the podcast episode, I host mine on my server but this can be a content server or AWS or Azure just as long as its served by HTTP/HTTPS. If this is a video Podcast I usually upload a low-res (sub 480p) version here and then upload a high res version to YouTube as you don’t want to send over 1GB file to the users phone or device.

Finally submit and publish the post

Now hopefully if you have been approved in the time you have been getting all this ready go back to https://podcastsconnect.apple.com/ and click on your podcast picture

On this screen select refresh feed to pull through any new episodes, it does do this every 24 hours if you are happy to wait.

Now sit back and wait for it to appear in the Apple Podcast app, if all has worked you should see the below

Integrating with a current blog

If you already have a blog and wish to integrate this I suggest turning on category podcasting and when you select the category follow the steps as if you were creating a main podcast just don’t set this at the top level or it may miss interpret media from your normal post, just remember to tag them when you publish. This can be enabled in the advanced menu at the bottom of the main screen by selecting category podcasting and pressing save

This then enabled the menu on the left so select this

Finally select your category such as podcast and then add podcast settings to category feed, you will see I had already added one and this is where you get your feed URL from. Some people also find its best to tick the Podcast only feeds to keep things even more clear.


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