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  1. Hi,

    did you ever post regarding setting up kiosk mode for AWS Workspaces? I have a requirement to setup kiosk mode on Windows 10 client devices who want to by pass the Windows login so it launches the Workspace client and asks them to login directly to that. Would appreciate any advice?

  2. Not sure my last comment was published….Did you have any joy getting AWS Workspaces to work in Kiosk mode? We have Windows 10 client devices and need them to run in Kiosk mode where Workspaces is the only app they can use?

    1. Hi Shabaz,

      We have put this project on hold at the moment but I did demo this internally with Windows IOT on a thin client but if you are using Windows Windows 10 Enterprise, Education, and Pro have a look at the guide below

      The HP client had a nice tool but there is nothing stopping you using lock down mode and then getting the user to log in there. The good thing with lockdown is it means if machine reboots it goes back to the state the admin rolled it out in

      Another way you can do it is via GPO like this

      1. Thanks for the reply Gareth and information. I already read the links you suggested and although they were some help I am still missing something.

        Basically I’ve got auto login working with it launching the AWS Workspace App automatically, however I am struggling to lock down the rest of the OS. I am looking for a thin client sort of experience

  3. Just a further update on this I have managed to get the Windows 10 OS fully locked down now with it auto logging in and launching the Workspaces Application! Just basically went through Group Policy and used that to lock everything down.

    Thanks again for your advice and feedback, was very much appreciated and helpful

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