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A hidden gem:- Get free training from VMWorld

Whilst trying to move between sessions and multiple devices this year I found an interesting little titbit of some free training… The best thing is this also includes their latest VMware Certified Technical Associate training content

Before you rush off to the main VMworld website you wont find it 🙁 like below!

I honestly do not know if this is just an oversight or me missing something but I also could not see an easy way to log it with the team either!

To find this I was in the VMworld2020 app in the bar on the left (the three menu lines) and hit Conference Activities

Then you see a section for VMware Learning so click on that

There it is! A years worth of complimentary access to VMware Connect Learning.

I did find the link would not open on my device which was a shame and after a bit more digging I found this article https://blogs.vmware.com/education/2020/09/29/breaking-news-from-vmworld-extended-access-to-complimentary-premium-digital-training/

I think this is a great offering and it has no where near as much publication as it needs. This has to be the best year yet for people getting into VMware. A free event and free training with VCTA being included, what a way to accelerate your career. Do not delay though you have to register by 31st October 2020.

If you also want more ways of linking with the vCommunity and seeking mentors do check out the vExpert Pro program a list of them can be found here

Also other study guides can be found here in the vTrailMap and the VCP study guide from a great friend Paul Wilk

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