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Portable Lab

  MacBook Pro – The uber portable lab in my humble view ☺ You can learn things like nested ESXi and in my previous roles I have had a whole environment test lab on an unsung hero: VMware Fusion. Need business justification well how about this is an ideal training tool towards your certifications for VMWare,…

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Its all about the RAIS

RAIS… Don’t you mean RAID…. Nope! No I do not. It means redundant array of inexpensive servers. This all started with the Xserve journey prior to Apple killing it off. Many people who implemented this either put in a Mac Pro or even a Mini as hardware backup to the main Xserve. V2 of the RAIS Theory…

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Mac OSX Similarities

I briefly spoke about the similarities between Mac and the Windows world at VMUG back in January so I thought I would just highlight over these and a few resources you could use. Active Directory vs Open Directory   Group Policy vs MCX/Profile Manager     WSUS vs ASUS Actually so what are the differences…

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